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"RT @wecutcorners: The very lovely people at BBC's @acrosstheline made OnAvoidingPeople their track of the day!! xXx"
Fri Jun 24 20:54:10 2016 - link
"RT @wecutcorners: On Avoiding People has its official release today and is now available on @Spotify -"
Fri Jun 24 18:43:34 2016 - link
"RT @RichieMcCormack: To distract you - new @wecutcorners @djshadow @lowellcat @weareshura & Mala in the June playlist…"
Fri Jun 24 18:43:05 2016 - link
"RT @PMcLoone: All on My stage @InterludeFest this Friday. @todayfm"
Thu Jun 23 10:20:37 2016 - link
"RT @Nialler9: Watch @wecutcorners’ handwritten projection video for ‘On Avoiding People’"
Wed Jun 22 16:03:38 2016 - link
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On Avoiding People
We Cut Corners
Released on 2016-06-24
Jennifer Evans
Released on 2016-05-06
We Cut Corners Album Bundle
We Cut Corners
Released on 2015-02-27
Works From The Dip & Foul
Jennifer Evans
Released on 2014-11-14
Think Nothing (CD)
We Cut Corners
Released on 2014-04-25
Think Nothing (12" Vinyl w/CD)
We Cut Corners
Released on 2014-04-25
From The Heights Of A Dream
Deaf Joe
Released on 2014-02-28
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