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Delphi is from the Future.


Well not quite, but the 21st Century at least…

So what’s the story then?

Thanks for asking. Here‘’s a bit of a Delphi Q&A…

1/ So Delphi’'s a record company?

Well maybe in the 21st Century sense… We’re pretty young, only set up in 2009 by Alexis Vokos. Delphi is built on a single idea – discovering music we love and creating a family of artists who work with the same team of people. We want to always offer fans nice, quality stuff because the fans’ relationship with our artists and with Delphi is the single most important thing to us.

2/ ...and a management company too?

Since it is the 21st Century, we’re not sure a definition really helps. For us (and many like us), label and management are much the same thing. We do manage our artists but we also do a lot of the things a traditional Indie label does. We help our artists with all things great and small. We help them with their releases, reaching an audience and building a fan base. We help them connect and work with other labels and other music companies in different countries. Which we believe they deserve because we love their music and their passion for it…and that’s what we’re passionate about. I can tell you one thing if it helps, we are Independent!!

3/ ...and you'’re Irish?

We‘’re based in London & Dublin. Our artists are all Irish at the moment. But we like to be defined by the music and by the audience……and you, the audience, can be anywhere. That’s the 21st Century for you…

4/ Can I get in touch or send you a demo?

By all means get in touch. You can send a message to Alexis at the email address on this page. If you want to you can send a link to your music, but no attachments! You can upload a track to the Soundcloud drop box linked on this page. We can’t promise to get in touch with everyone, but we do promise to listen to everything that’s sent to us.

5 / I love the music and you all sound very nice. Can I get involved?

If you’re passionate about what we’re doing and about our artists, why not register to get involved in our Street Team using the street team email address on this page. Let us know where you‘’re from and also if you are a fan of any particular acts on our roster. We love fans to get involved. It works both ways too……we look after our Street Teamers at Delphi! We also might have work placement opportunities from time to time so if that’s of interest and you’re based in the Dublin area send your CV to the info@ address on the right of this page.

6/ Who else is doing stuff you like?

We love loads of people who are passionate about music and are also from the 21st Century. We’‘ve linked some of them up here…

7/ Can I follow what Delphi is up to?

You can sign up to our mailing list at the top of the page or our artists’ mailing list on their artist profile. You can follow us on Twitter and Facebook for label updates too.


The Delphi Label

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Just click the Soundcloud link above and follow the instructions to send us a track. We can’‘t promise to get in touch with everyone, but we do promise to listen to everything that‘’s sent to us.

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